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Emma Perrin Art

Seal Paradise

Seal Paradise

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Magnet Wood Frame

Seal Paradise

The New Zealand fur seal, a charismatic marine mammal, is known for its adorable appearance and playful nature. Found along the coastlines of New Zealand, these seals can be seen lounging on rocks, basking in the sun, and occasionally diving into the sea for a swim. This art poster is a tribute to the kekeno. Bring a piece of their coastal relaxing environment into your home or children´s room.

~ Printed on thick high-quality paper with a pearl texture finish and a scratch-resistant resin coat surface.

~ Paperweight 300gsm.

~ All our artwork is printed by inkjet technology which ensures vibrant and long-lasting colours.

~ Add a magnet wood frame as a simple, lightweight glass-free frame option. Easy to assemble. Available in 2 colours - TEAK & WHITE.

~ This print is available in 2 sizes:
Small / A4 / 21 x 29.7 cm
Medium / A3 / 29.7 x 42 cm

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