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Emma Perrin Art

Wings Of Wonder

Wings Of Wonder

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Magnet Wood Frame

Wings Of Wonder: A Kingfisher´s Moment by the Seaside

Experience some coastal stillness with this illustrative artwork featuring a kingfisher on a rock, captivated by a graceful white butterfly. Let the scene transport you to a serene world of tranquility and natural wonder. Hang this poster and feel the peaceful connection between the kingfisher and the butterfly, reminding you to find harmony in the beauty of nature.

~ Printed on thick high-quality paper with a pearl texture finish and a scratch-resistant resin coat surface.

~ Paperweight 300gsm.

~ All our artwork is printed by inkjet technology which ensures vibrant and long-lasting colours.

~ Add a magnet wood frame as a simple, lightweight glass-free frame option. Easy to assemble. Available in 2 colours - TEAK & WHITE.

~ This print is available in 2 sizes:
Small / A4 / 21 x 29.7 cm
Medium / A3 / 29.7 x 42 cm
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