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Emma Perrin Art

Misty Whispers

Misty Whispers

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Magnet Wood Frame

Misty Whispers

Step into a realm of ethereal beauty with this subtle misty scene featuring a silvereye - tauhou by the water. The silvereye, with its vibrant green, becomes a focal point in this quiet landscape as if it stumbled upon a hidden enchantment.

~ Printed on thick high-quality paper with a pearl texture finish and a scratch-resistant resin coat surface.

~ Paperweight 300gsm.

~ All our artwork is printed by inkjet technology which ensures vibrant and long-lasting colours.

~ Add a magnet wood frame as a simple, lightweight glass-free frame option. Easy to assemble. Available in 2 colours - TEAK & WHITE.

~ This print is available in 2 sizes:
Small / A4 / 21 x 29.7 cm
Medium / A3 / 29.7 x 42 cm

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