What is Giclée printing?

What is Giclée printing?

The best method for reproduction of artwork

Giclée printing is a type of high-quality inkjet printing used to produce fine art prints. The word "giclée" comes from the French word "to spray" and refers to the way that the ink is sprayed onto the paper or canvas to create the print.

Giclée printing uses special printers that use fine nozzles to spray microscopic droplets of ink onto the paper or canvas. This allows for a very high level of detail and color accuracy, and the prints are often very similar in quality to the original artwork.


Why choose the giclée printing method?

I chose this method because it is the best in terms of similarity; When I hold my original drawings up against the prints, they are very similar in look and feel - in both colour of the artwork and texture of the paper. Even the finest small lines from my ink drawings stands out sharp and clear.

The size of the art prints I sell is also 1:1 with the originals, again I want the experience of the art print to be as close to the original as possible.

About giclee printing

Price equals quality

Giclée printing is often used to reproduce artwork that is too valuable or delicate to be handled regularly, or to produce limited-edition prints of artwork.
The prints are often produced on archival paper or canvas, which means they are designed to last for many years without fading or deteriorating, which classifies them as fine art prints.

Giclée prints are therefore more expensive than normal prints but you get a high-end top-quality artwork for the price. I didn't want my drawings to be mass-produced either, which is why my two collections "Dreaming in Colour" and "The Beginning" is limited to be printed only 16 times.

You will see in the corner of each print which number it is out of the 16 and they will all be hand signed by me on the front and back, as well as having the title written on the front bottom border.

Carefully packed and shipped

I pack and ship all my prints and posters myself, and I have worldwide-shipping on everything. All artworks in size A2 and A3 is rolled in poster tubes and everything smaller than that is flat packed.

Because the giclée fine art prints are printed on high quality paper and rolled up during shipping they will have a tendency to stay rolled even when you unroll them ~ this is normal, and you can read more about the paper type and how to look after your giclée prints in the link here:
Paper quality info

What you water will grow ~ a growing dream

My favourite saying is: What you water will grow. I believe that whatever you choose to focus on in life is what you are nourishing and what will grow. That is why I chose a little growing plant ~ a fern to represent New Zealand ~ to symbolize my art and my online store.

As part of my logo I have put it on stickers* that goes on the poster tubes I send out in the world, my little way of spreading the word of what you water.


Thank you for supporting my art dream, feel free to email me or message me on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with me.

Can't wait to hear back from you,
xx Emma


(* made in collaboration with StickerDot, a New Zealand company that makes high-quality stickers. These are so soft and smooth, and I cant stop touching them :-D
Paper used is called Matte Paper Stickers size 60mm. More info here: www.stickerdot.co.nz)


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