Visit our shop by the main wharf, Akaroa

We are inside the Akaroa Dolphins ticket office!

“Home is where one starts from."

- T. S. Eliot

Create a happy home with the perfect art for your space.

"I work in different styles and techniques, and it´s a dream come true to have this dedicated space to share all my work, I hope you find something you like."

- artist, illustrator & shop manager

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  • Ollie, NZ

    The poster of marine life is quintessential of the natural playground in Akaroa. The art style is gorgeous and fits perfectly in my lounge.

  • Sarah, NZ

    I love work with meaning or a story. In her art Emma focuses on NZ native plants and animals. She draws peoples attention to the creatures in our environment. She has a strong sense of conservation.

  • Julie, NZ

    I have a beautiful piece of art by Emma. Every time I look at it I see something new. I love the native New Zealand birds and plants. My favorite part is the beautiful fantail and the landscape of Akaroa. I highly recommend this art for that special place in your home.

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